About Juiced TV

Help revolutionise the way kids and their families experience hospital through Juiced TV!

Juiced TV is an Australian first entertainment initiative that benefits the health and wellbeing of sick kids and their families in hospital, one episode at a time. 

The program began in January 2015 at the Queensland Children’s Hospital. Since then it has directly touched the lives of more than 3,500 patients and their families by improving the hospital journey, creating a unique way for them to engage and communicate with one another.

Each week we create a 25-minute high-quality kids TV program, which gives patients and their siblings the chance to star in their own TV show, as they host their own segments or join the junior crew on location at the hospital.

In the last two years, more than 680 participants from South East Queensland communities have taken to the Brisbane River to Paddle for Kids, and in doing so have raised a phenomenal $157,000 to help sick kids!

The Juiced TV impact so far.. 

We're connecting sick kids across Australia!

Paddle for Kids raises money for Juiced TV, to help continue connecting sick kids across Australia through the distribution of the 'Juiced Box' mobile application to patients in regional hospitals, to funding road trips allowing the Juiced crew to visit hospitals across the country to give sick kids back their childhood through incredible experiences. 

On behalf of Juiced TV and it's Presenting Partner the Children's Hospital Foundation, we hope to see you on the river soon! 

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