Fundraising Tips

Fundraising at Work

  • Bake Sales: Hold a bake sale at work (focus on healthy treats!) Ask all team members to bake and sell them to their colleagues. Other great selling locations are out the front of a big supermarket on a Saturday morning.
  • Coin Drive: Set up a collection in the office kitchen space and have colleagues donate a gold coin for a tea/coffee/soft drink/chocolate etc. 
  • Dress Down Days: Many businesses do this, where they encourage employees to dress down for a day if they make a donation. 
  • Email and Social Media: Email your friends and colleagues for donations and share the link to your fundraising page on your social media channels. 
  • Email Signatures: Change your email signature to include a link through to your Paddle for Kids fundraising page. 
  • Pancake Breakfasts: Hold a pancake breakfast at work on specific days and charge colleagues for a plate of pancakes. 
  • Pot Luck Lunches: Designate a day each week as a ‘Pot Luck Day’, where team members take turns making chilli, salads, desserts, etc and offer to work colleagues at a set price or donation. 
  • Chocolate/Lamington/Pie Drives: Sell items that are highly consumable. These work best when you can access high foot traffic areas. Encourage your friends and family to help out with selling. 
  • Raffles: Find a few items of value and ask team members to sell raffle tickets to their friends, family and colleagues to go in the draw to win the prizes. Raffles can be a constant activity to help boost your fundraising total. Get permission to sell tickets at your local tavern on a Friday night for a seafood or meat tray etc. 

Fundraising at Home

  • Ask: The easiest way to raise money is to ask your friends, neighbours, relatives and anyone you know to make a donation to the Paddle for Kids event! Make sure you explain your commitment and tell them about why you are taking part in the event. 
  • Show-off your Training: Post about your training day on social media, with links to your fundraising page. It’s always great for friends and family to see your efforts ahead of the event day. 
  • Garage Sale: Get your friends and family to donate items from home that they don’t need anymore. A Saturday morning street stall works well. Be sure to check whether any permits are needed, if near a footpath. 
  • Bingo Night: An old, but fun favourite and a good way to raise funds if there is an eager audience. 
  • Swim-a-thon/Walk-a-thon/Read-a-thon: These work best with participants who are motivated to get sponsors. Sundays or holidays work best for this type of event. 
  • Auctions: Be creative and consider auctioning things that money can’t buy. Donated items like celebrity signed sporting attire are great! 
  • Themed Meals: It could be a corporate morning tea or ladies’ luncheon for example. The key to the success is having a high-quality speaker or activity. 
  • BBQ’s: Ask a butcher to donate the meat and ask for donations of bread rolls and salad. Charge a fee. 
  • Car Wash: Get your friends to lend a hand for an hour to help wash cars. These are best run on a Saturday morning at a local service station. Put fliers on car windscreens to help promote it. 

Fundraising Events

  • Game Night: Have a game night, much like a party with a purpose. Everyone comes to your house to play board games like charades, and you can charge an ‘entrance’ fee. 
  • Car Rally: Get your friends and family to enter their car for a small fee. Participants follow a set of cryptic clues (not too tricky) until they find the destination. Finish at an appropriate picnic spot to end at, where a BBQ and games could be held. Bonus points can be given for answering certain questions correctly. The team who makes it to the final destination first wins a prize. 
  • Movie Night: Contact your local cinema and find out which new movie releases they have coming up. They may be happy to make the cinema available to entrants for previews. 
  • Progressive Dinner: Serve a three course meal, with each course to be enjoyed at a different home. Charge a fee to come along.
  • Barefoot Bowls Evening: Many local bowls clubs offer ‘barefoot’ bowls, a light-hearted way to enjoy a game of bowls. Ask the club to donate a game or evening to your team and charge an admission fee.
  • Excursions: Plan a trip to an interesting and fun venue like a winery or brewery tour, discount shopping etc. Charge more than the total cost to make a profit, and hold a raffle on the bus. 
  • Champagne Breakfast: Hold a fashion parade or activity. Keep the food and drink simple, for example croissants, small sandwiches, juice and champagne of course. Charge for a plate.
  • Contest Nights: Trivia, red faces and talent quests are popular activities. All you need are a few teams, prizes, a venue, questions and some talents! Charge a fee to come along and hold a raffle on the night for extra fundraising. Look for donated prizes to keep costs down. 

We started fundraising straight away. Our company directors donated raffle prizes which staff sold tickets for. This helped raise funds and to engage our company’s staff too! Sending emails to our corporate clients for donations was the most helpful fundraiser we did. In exchange, we offered our clients branding on the team marquee banner. We changed our company email signature to include Paddle For Kids which linked to our fundraising page. We also sent emails to our family and friends for donations and to come support us on the day. Our advice for the 2019 teams is to have fun, start early and aim high!

-Team Dragon Cubed Z