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Juiced TV's Paddle for Kids Festival and Dragon Boat Race Day is an action-packed day of family fun and entertainment, all in the name of supporting Queensland’s sick kids.

On Saturday, 15th June 2019 we invite you, your family and your friends to come down to the South Bank Parkland's Cultural Forecourt to experience a festival like no other!


Stay up to date by visiting our event page to make sure you don't miss out on any upcoming announcements:


All teams are required to arrive 1 hour before their first race. Each heat's marshalling will commence 45 minutes prior. 

7:00am         Registrations Open

7:30am         Marshalling First and Second

8.00am         Round 1 Commences

                      Heat 1: Thunder Q, BN Health Heroes,                                     Dragon On n On n On, Cardno's Canoe

8:30am         Heat 2: #WTF! - Where's the Finish?, Q Crew,                       Dragon Behind, Kezza's Kanoo 

9:00am         Registrations Close

                       Heat 3: Team Vita, Queensland Fire and                             Rescue, IntelliDesign "Hull of a Laugh", Krazy                         Kritters 

9:30am         Heat 4: BUCHAN, Elevate-Oars, Fully Lit!! 

10:00am        Heat 5: Super Nurses, QCH School Staff, The                       MissFitters

10:30am        Round 2 Commences

                      Heat 6: BN Health Heroes, Dragon On n                               On n On, IntelliDesign "Hull of a Laugh",                                #WTF! - Where's the Finish?

11:00am         Heat 7: Cardno's Canoe, Kezza's Kanoo,                               Elevate-Oars, The MissFitters

11:30am         Heat 8: Fully Lit!!, Queensland Fire and                                 Rescue, Super Nurses, Dragon Behind 

12:00pm        Heat 9: Celebrity Race

12:30pm        Heat 10: Krazy Kritters, Thunder Q,                                           BUCHAN

1:00pm          Heat 11: Q Crew, Team Vita, QCH School                               Staff 

1:30pm          Minor Final 1

2:00pm         Minor Final 2

2:30pm         Major Final

3:30pm         Team Presentations



10:15am         Street Science Show

11:00am         Official Welcome

11:15am          Wildcall Wildlife Show

11:45am         Army Pep Band Performance

12:00pm       Dragon Boat Celebrity Race (river side)

12:45pm        Aerial Angels - Balancing & contortion acts

1:00pm          Army Pep Band Performance

1:30pm          Hello Africa - Interactive Drumming

2:30pm         Race Final

2:40pm         SoulCutz Performance

3:00pm         KSSD Dancers

3:30pm         Team Presentations



  • Celebrity Meet and Greets with Brisbane Heat, Brisbane Broncos, Queensland Reds, Queensland Firebirds, Brisbane Bandits, Queensland Bulls, Queensland Fire and more

  • QSuper Heroes

  • GemLife Street Art by Russell Fern

  • Arts & Crafts hosted by the Children's Hospital Foundation

  • Virtual Reality Activities hosted by Stem Punks

  • Face Painting

  • Bunnings 'decorate your own pot plant' station

  • Traditional Chinese Craft hosted by Griffith University

  • Brisbane Heat Target Nets

  • Brisbane Bandits Throwing Game



We've got plenty of tasty food to keep you fuelled for a fun-filled day, including food stalls by

  • Catch & Kiss Seafood

  • Rolling Stone Pizza

  • Dapper & Chic

  • Happy Soul Bowl

  • Jabba Wocky Grind

  • Fairy's Floss